About Quantropi

Provably secure solutions based on Quantum Mechanics – compatible with existing network infrastructure and technology investments.

Founded in 2018, Quantropi uniquely addresses the critically emergent data-in-transit cybersecurity and trust issues associated with the advent of commercially available quantum computers in order to ensure easy, rapid response to all future cryptographic threats – bringing concepts of ‘crypto-agility’ and the Quantum Internet closer to reality.

Having developed and patented a unique quantum gate technology, QEEP™, which leverages the Generalized Uncertainty Principle to enable quantum-secure key distribution over existing networks, Quantropi is extraordinarily well positioned to penetrate and serve wide swaths of the exploding quantum cybersecurity market, from the strategic vantage point of the Canadian high-tech innovation ecosystem. Unlike current Post-Quantum Cryptography (PQC), QEEP™ is based on quantum mechanics principles that transform information and make it uninterpretable (versus striving to keep it intractable). Unlike photonic Quantum Key Distribution (QKD), where information is untouchable due to the fragile quantum information carrier, QEEP™ protects the information itself with quantum perturbation to ensure that data and privacy are and always will be protected – today, tomorrow and forever – no matter what threats the post-quantum future may bring.

Your technologies seem most impressive.

Benjamin Eliasoph, Trade Commissioner, Canadian Embassy, Washington DC

From government & military, to banking and fintech, to digital health, robotics, blockchain, IoT and nearly every sector of the economy, industry observers estimate that quantum computing will have a global market value of $1 trillion by 2035. Quantropi’s vision is to be the standard for quantum secure communications, no matter what the future network, or threat, may be.

A core patent was granted to the company for “Methods And Systems For Data Protection” (US Patent Office 10476664B2) in November, 2019. Several further official grants, including for “Enhanced Randomness For Digital Systems” and “Quantum Public Key Distribution with Randomized Glauber States”, are imminent.

By tackling quantum with quantum, QEEP™ combines the most compelling attributes of QKD and PQC, with none of their real-world disadvantages. Quantropi is helping public and private-sector organizations prepare for the fast-approaching era of quantum computing by implementing quantum-secure key distribution solutions that are not only fully IoT operable and end-user device-applicable (impossible for QKD and limited for PQC), they function over today’s Internet. Ultra-fast, with throughputs up to gigabits per second and magnitudes of entropy beyond anything on the market today, while being extremely lightweight and energy-efficient, QEEP™ is even NIST-800-22 and DIEHARDER compliant. Industry leading performance, together with plug-and-play deployment on present infrastructure and 100% compatibility with existing network and technology investments – QEEP™ offers organizations an exceptionally cost-effective, evolutionary upgrade path to quantum-secure communications.

Our portfolio of immediately deployable solutions – QEEP™-KD 3500 (Quantum Secure KMS Appliance), QiSpace™ (Quantum Secure Cloud KMS), and CipherSpace™ (Drag-and-Drop Quantum-Safe File Exchange Desktop Application) – are not only enterprise-grade, business-ready and effortlessly scalable, but also fully% compatible with today’s Internet. By tackling quantum with quantum, QEEP™ – together with a beyond-computational-difficulty quantum-safe GPK under research and development – uniquely protects information privacy and secures data against all manner of advanced digital threats, including emerging quantum computing attacks.

Carrying forward in the spirit of our CSO Dr. Kuang’s pioneering “semi-classical formalism” (so-termed by NASA, 2012), Quantropi is committed to preserving truth and trust in the face of imminent quantum computing threats to our Internet infrastructure, by bridging classical computing with quantum computing over a computational basis – i.e., making information speak quantum. For anyone who relies on secure data transmission, Quantropi is the only quantum communications solution provider to keep information exchange secure on today’s existing network infrastructure – offering a viable evolutionary upgrade path for making your organization quantum-safe.

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