Nature of Our Business

Our business responds to a critical and pressing business need, in a uniquely practical, immediately implementable and easily scalable fashion. Of the many ways to secure data in transit, very few could survive even seconds of a sophisticated quantum attack. Of those, only Quantropi’s patented QEEP™ technology is capable of functioning on today’s Internet. And whereas current Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) solutions fall down outside the laboratory – they are prohibitively expensive, require new dark fibre infrastructure, or are otherwise unfit for real-world applications – Quantropi’s revolutionary enterprise-grade solution is already manufacturing ready, effortlessly scalable, and works over unlimited distances on existing network infrastructure, even the wireless Internet. So anyone who relies on data exchange can have confidence their information is and always will be secure.

By combining the most compelling attributes of QKD and Post-Quantum Cryptography (PQC), with none of their real-world disadvantages, QEEP™ enables quantum secure key distribution over any distance, is capable of high-throughput (up to Gbps) true random key exchange, is NIST-800-22 and DIEHARDER compliant, and is fully compatible with existing communications networks – even as that infrastructure continues to evolve. By harnessing timeless quantum mechanics, QEEP™ transforms data into a state of superposition, rendering every possible interpretation of the output equally valid, with only the specified receiver able to interpret the transmitted data. Moreover, QEEP™ is fast, lightweight yet powerful, and ultra-high-entropy.

For any end-to-end secure communications, two critical challenges are posed by quantum computers: Key Establishment and Authentication. True random keys are also a must; however, this challenge has already been solved. Key Establishment (aka Key Distribution) is the problem, as true random keys must be securely shareable in order to be useful. Quantropi’s QEEP™ quantum gate technology was developed as an alternative to Quantum Key Distribution (QKD). QEEP™ solves this Key Establishment challenge, while greatly excelling beyond QKD insofar as key rates, energy-efficiency, costs, distribution range, scalability and infrastructure compatibility.

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