Meet the new standard for quantum secure communications.
No matter what the future network, or threat, may be.

Bring It On.

Quantropi is developing quantum secure communication solutions that arenʼt just manufacturing and business ready – theyʼre easily integrated and applied, today, over our existing wired and wireless internet. By harnessing quantum mechanics, our unique, patented QEEP™ technologies efficiently distribute lightweight yet exceptionally fast and powerful ultra-high-entropy quantum keys over contemporary communications infrastructure, even as it continues to evolve, in order to consistently deliver greater, more reliable security and confidence than is or ever will be available, anywhere.

Only Quantum Can Take On Quantum.

As technologies become increasingly ubiquitous, our modern digital economies rely on worldwide communication networks. That internet infrastructure underpins our entire society. And yet the cryptography protecting it, along with global capital market worth a hundred trillion dollars, was only ever designed to resist classical computers. The privacy and security we count on will be gone when the quantum computing capacity becomes fully available – in just a few short years.

Thatʼs why Quantropi is working to accelerate the adoption of quantum communications and make the quantum internet a reality, by developing quantum secure, scalable, enterprise grade technology solutions that provide a simple, cost effective, evolutionary path to upgrading our existing infrastructure, securing our digital societies, and scaling our modern economies. And advance into the post-quantum age with confidence.

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Quantropi Will Be The Standard

Most approaches to quantum ready cybersecurity fall down outside a laboratory environment, require new dark fibre infrastructure, are prohibitively costly or unscalable, or otherwise fail the real world adoption test.

With a first core patent granted in 2019, seven further patents pending, established collaborations with academic and corporate partners, and fully developed quantum gate use case prototypes, Quantropiʼs unique Quantum Entropy Expansion and Propagation (QEEP) quantum gate technology leverages the Generalized Uncertainty Principle to make information uninterpretable to adversaries.

QEEP Key Distribution enables quantum secure key exchange over any distance, is capable of high-throughput (up to 1Gbps) true random key exchange both out of band and in line with One Time Pad, is NIST-800-22 and DIEHARDER compliant, and is 100% compatible with existing communications networks. To provide a straightforward, cost effective upgrade path.

In addition to our existing QEEP-•KD 3500 application layer solution for enterprise grade quantum secure key distribution, a new infrastructure layer solution launching in 2021 will provide a quantum public key envelope over existing fiber optic networks.

Follow Our Thinking.​

Yes, you read that right. We’re excited to announce that artist, coder, and digital artisan EEPMON is joining the team at Quantropi as its Creative Emissary. So why is Ottawa-based Quantropi, a quantum secure communications company, hiring a digital artist? Good question… Who is EEPMON? EEPMON (aka Eric Chan of Ottawa) is a digital artist
There goes the neighbourhood. According to Bloomberg, someone just used a quantum computer to locate weaknesses in common encryption methods. Is this a big deal? Well yes. It signals cracks in the confidence of symmetric encryption and in the privacy and secrecy of our data in transit – including personal information, financial operations, Internet communication,
The quantum properties of matter, characterized by uncertainties and bizarre behaviors, drive most of our understanding of quantum computing. What are some of these key principles, and how have they set the stage for advancements into quantum computing? These are the questions this article aims to answer.
In this article, we discuss some of the current developments in quantum computing and also explore how it will impact classical computing and security in the near future.
In this original benchmarking report, Quantropi analyzed their patented Quantum Entropy Encoding Protection (QEEP) mechanism based on 3 key parameters. For each of these parameters, they compared QEEP with industry-standard encryption mechanisms (AES and AES-NI).
This article explores 3 different ways quantum computing has revolutionized the world. It also explores in some detail the revolutionary impact of quantum computing on cryptography, and how Quantropi’s QEEP technology can provide a solution to this challenge.

A Canadian Startup With Purpose.​

With an experienced management team and over a dozen talented full-time employees driving innovation across scientific, engineering, business and creative disciplines, Quantropi is commercially ready and poised to be a quantum communications leader. Our company enjoys solid backing by recognized investors, established collaborations with academic and corporate partners, and broad intellectual property protection, with 4 patents granted, and several more pending.

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